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    Advanced Conversation Skills for Executives



    3 Conversation Hacks to Keep Managers Motivated & Free Up YOUR Time

    Best Audience: Executive Professional Development, Leadership Conferences, Team Building Events


    Executive leaders don't have time to waste. This brief session offers new evidence-based conversation tips senior leaders can execute in 20 minutes a day.


    Learning Objectives:

    • Review top 3 conversation DOs and DON'Ts managers want but are reluctant to ask for
    • Learn the 4 phrases that boost employee performance
    • Discuss when to have a conversation vs. give a verbal report card
    • Receive answers to the toughest questions staff will send your way 
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    Specialized Conversation Training for Managers



    New Tips to Get Managers Talking

    Best Audience: Human Resources Events, Internal Professional Development, New Manager Team Building


    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn the psychological "highs" the brain craves from conversation & how this impacts performance 
    • Feel comfortable following a script, answering awkward questions and saying no with greater ease
    • Review case studies of how a ‘gut check policy’ reduced tension and boosted performance
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    Practical Orientation Training for New Employees


    The Unwritten Rules of Employee Communication:

    Decode What Your Manager is Saying

    Best Audience: Onboarding Orientation, Student and New Graduate Events


    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn how the brain's need to connect with others drives the need for conversation
    • Know your personal value proposition
    • Learn the 3 things awesome employees ask in every conversation
    • Decode what an employer is really asking you
  • Challenge, Teach, Entertain

    Let's be honest, talking about communications can be boring. Asking people to take a risk and have more conversations, on purpose, to many people that sounds as fun as a root canal.


    Janet sees it as her personal mission to help professionals look at communications differently. Her approach disarms the crankiest communicator and helps leaders rediscover the power of everyday conversations at work.


    Every talk is developed to create meaningful, measurable improvements for attendees at corporate events, leadership conferences, summits, seminars and annual meetings. See below for a list of topics to get your creative juices flowing. Do we customize our talks? Heck, yes!



    Recent speaking engagements include:


    Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Alberta Conference,

    The ‘Gut Check Policy’: How to Step Off the Conversation Roller Coaster


    Human Resources Professional Association, Chatham-Kent,

    Talk Less & Say More: An Easier Way to Communicate at Work


    Human Resources Professional Association, Grand Valley,

    Talk Less & Say More: New Tips to Get Managers Talking


    Human Resources Professional Association, Ottawa,

    Do's and Don'ts of Communicating Change


    Niagara Falls Wellness Summit,

    How to Get a "Yes": The 3 Steps to Effective Communication


    Ontario Library Association Super Conference

    Talk Less & Say More: Tips to Help New Managers Communicate Effectively

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