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    Helping professionals become talented conversationalists.

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    Teaching by Edu-taining

    Even professional communicators can still get nervous when they speak to employees. Learning the right technique is easy. Actually looking into the eyes of a person and communicating effectively is a skill that takes time.


    Conversations At Work, developed by Janet Hueglin Hartwick, President of Soilleirich Communications Group, helps speed up the learning process so participants become confident more quickly. Learning objectives are fused with edu-taining stories that explain how "effective communication" is received by the brain. These insights from cognitive science fast track employees' willingness to actually put what they learn into practice.

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    "Employees don’t just want conversations, their brains are hardwired to need it for their own survival. It’s no wonder employee engagement rates double when employees receive regular manager feedback."

    Janet Hueglin Hartwick

    Founder, Conversations At Work

    Janet helps professionals become confident and effective communicators. She has motivated leaders in many sectors, from the public service to municipal government and from agriculture organizations to trade associations. Her work has been recognized with 12 national awards in the areas of corporate communications, advertising and government relations.


  • "Janet connects with an audience and makes a tangible impact. She inspires even the most reluctant managers to talk to their staff more often."

    Eleonor Kerr, HR Manager, Hillfield Strathallan College

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