Communication Skills Training that Creates Lasting Change

  • The Process

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    Success Audit

    The first step in the process is to discuss your objectives. We will tailor the training process to your employees – whether it’s your entire team, a new graduate or senior management.


    Next, we will give your employees a 10 minute survey to learn which of “The 4 Sparks of Success” motivate them to achieve their best. This information is the key to helping your team meet and exceed their performance objectives.



    Armed with their survey results, participants will learn how “The 4 Sparks of Success” drive personal performance. Your team will discover how to leverage everyday communications to ignite more frequent “sparks” of success.


    Your employees will become more self-aware and discover how to decode “spark” opportunities. Working in small groups, participants will learn what to say, and not to say, to encourage success in themselves, their colleagues and direct reports.


    As a bonus, your team will receive a crash course on how to speak persuasively, inspire others and handle awkward conversations.



    Participants of the seminar will be encouraged to set a business communication goal.


    Research shows it takes up to 45 days for a new habit to become established in the brain. Each member of your team will be invited to participate in three one-on-one follow-up conversations in the first 45 days after their seminar training.