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Best. Compliment. Ever.

Communication Skills Training Tip

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What’s the best compliment you ever received at work?

You can tell a lot about what matters to a person by how they answer this question. For me, I would say it’s when a client told me “We love when you come to the office because you make everything better just by being here.” That’s pretty awesome to hear, right?

A compliment like that is special to me because my goal is to of utmost service. But, I’m also personally motivated to be a valuable member of the team. I get a charge out of helping others and I find it rewarding to solve their problems.

Not everyone feels the way I do. Knowing what drives staff members to succeed is valuable information that can help a manager boost employee engagement. Some professionals don’t take pleasure in working on a team. They are motivated by the chance to take risks, work on long-lead projects or be acknowledged for their performance.

Do you want to get a quick insight into your employee or colleague? Ask about the best compliment they ever received.

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