• What is Conversation Training?

    Advanced conversation skills training to help leaders lead.

  • Reduce Conversationphobia

    Communications training is a great idea if you're the company spokesperson or a member of the C-Suite. What most leaders are missing is workplace conversation training.


    No one can blame a director or manager for avoiding awkward conversations at work. But there's a minimum quality and frequency of conversation that every leader should be expected to provide their staff and colleagues.


    How much more productive would your team be if you could fix your employee conversation challenges or make them significantly better?


    The following customized conversation training is available:

    Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

    Offensive comments can be a workplace hazard as of June 1, 2018.


    Changes to the OHS Act, broaden the concept of workplace “health and safety” to mandate employers ensure the psychological and social well-being of workers.


    Audience: Leaders who avoid conversations or are abrasive when they speak

    Team Rebuilding

    Performance suffers and time gets wasted when leaders don't get along.


    Staff don't have to like each other but they should be expected to have effective conversations at work.


    Audience: Leadership team that has one or more ineffective communicators

    Educational Institutions

    Staff who work in a school tend to use a lot of emotional labour.


    Think of how many conversations school staff have in a day? Challenging conversations happen with colleagues, parents and administrators.


    Audience: Leaders, educators and support staff


    Reporting to a board of directors can be a challenge. While staff have an intimate knowledge of what is happening, directors who meet monthly or quarterly often need prompting which can create difficult conversations.


    Audience: Leaders and support staff

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