• Communications training redefined.

    Conversation hacks for executives, managers and future leaders.




  • Alberta Health and Safety Laws

    What's less expensive, conversation training for an abrasive leader or managing a harassment complaint?

    Conversation Coaching

    Is it possible for a leader who is sarcastic, abrasive or shy to become a better communicator? Absolutely.

    Leaders love PD, right?

    Advanced conversation training might sound boring but it's really not. Don't take our word for it.

  • Out With the Old. In With the New.

    Have you noticed workplace emotion is experiencing a quiet revolution? From embracing emotional intelligence to supporting mental health, the expectations of workplace communication are changing.


    Today’s leaders are expected to be "effective communicators" who can boost employee engagement. But, what many executives, managers and future leaders need is the ability to lead an effective conversation.

  • About Conversations At Work

    Janet Hueglin Hartwick, President of Soilleirich Communications Group, created Conversations At Work as a practical and engaging program to inspire even the most reluctant communicators.

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