• Work Emotion Drives Performance

    Tweak how you communicate & employee engagement will follow.




  • Out With the Old. In With the New.

    Have you noticed workplace emotion is experiencing a quiet revolution? From embracing emotional intelligence to supporting mental health, the expectations of workplace communication are changing.


    Today’s leaders are expected to be "effective communicators" who can boost employee engagement. These are specialized skills that can't be learned on-the-job.


    Conversations At Work helps speed up the learning process so executives, managers and future leaders become confident communicators quickly. Edu-taining insights from cognitive science fast track professionals' willingness to actually put what they learn into practice.

  • Do Your Managers Need to Upgrade their Communication Skills?

    If so, they are not the only ones. Check out these statistics.  

    Of a manager's time is spent talking

    Of employees said their performance would improve if managers provided corrective feedback

    Of managers are uneasy talking with employees

    Is the ratio of disengaged to engaged employees  

  • About Conversations At Work

  • Edu-tainment Over Education

    Janet Hueglin Hartwick, President of Soilleirich Communications Group, created Conversations At Work as a practical and engaging program to inspire even the most reluctant communicators.

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